What is Feed.fm? Interview with Rob Kenkel, Director of Sales

At Feed Media Group (FMG), we use our experience, data, and musical knowledge to solve music challenges for brands. Through our B2B music platform, Feed.fm, we deliver music programs that are efficient, effective, and personalized for your customers and customized for your brand. We like to think of it as giving brands a musical personality.

Still confused about what a B2B music platform does or how we can support you? Learn more from our Director of Sales who answers the question, “What is Feed.fm?” and shares his journey at FMG.

Meet Rob! 

Robert Kenkel has been selling cloud-based products and services since 2003, and he is currently the Director of Sales & Partnerships at FMG. Joining the team in our San Francisco HQ in 2017, a lifetime ago in the tech world, but what feels like just yesterday to him – time flies when you’re having fun! While a lot has changed since then –  we are now fully remote – his passion for relationship management has remained intact. Rob leads by example, relationships are everything to him.

“I focus on doing things the right way, not the fast way.”

Rob Kenkel, Director of Sales & Partnerships at FMG

What are the most common customer needs that you’ve encountered over the years? 

The most common requests that I get regarding music for businesses ties back to music strategy. Whether companies are looking for guidance around licensing or product integrations, most of the needs fall into one of these scenarios:

Music licensing solutions:
  • Licensing music to accompany content, ie. video streams, classes, or other digital experiences
Music integration and product strategy:
  • Options to stream music in apps
  • Strategies for incorporating music in connected devices like fitness equipment or other personal devices.

I’ve had many conversations over the past 6 years, and I’ve explained music licensing for businesses to a lot of inquisitive and driven entrepreneurs. As Dani said in her blog, I didn’t know much about music licensing when I started, so I stayed glued at the hip for months to Jeff Yasuda, my guru. If you have the privilege of ever speaking with Jeff, you know he’s a combination of a lover of people and music. He knows a ton about music licensing, and I know how to read a room.

I was able to quickly identify the points in the conversations when prospects became excited and leaned into the conversation, vs the moments when it became clear they preferred that Feed.fm take care of the intricate details. Once we understood inflection points, we were able to work together to deliver music licensing education and solutions to companies in a way that really resonated. This approach has allowed us to build incredible relationships across industries, grow Feed.fm revenue year after year, and grow the team from 8 employees to almost 40.

What is Feed.fm’s approach to helping businesses meet their goals with music?

Our customer-centric approach allows us to craft customized music solutions for brands and their end users. When I first started we were thriving in retail apps like American Eagle and Charlotte Russe and with pro sports teams like the Golden State Warriors. In the 6 months prior, we had launched with Fitbit Coach and right after I joined we signed Mirror (now Lululemon Studio) and Tonal.

  • Our retail apps needed a way to increase engagement and retention and generate longer session times in their eCommerce app without having to resort to discounting sales. 
  • The Warriors needed more intimate ways to connect with their fans by sharing the music that Steph, Klay, and Draymond were using to get pumped up before games.  
  • Fitbit, Mirror, and Tonal desperately needed compelling soundtracks to drive their digital workouts.
(Lululemon Studio)
Golden State Warriors

Each of those conversations started with education, but where it really gets interesting is the personalized value and expertise we are able to offer companies. The Feed.fm team knows how to help brands plan and execute an effective music strategy to deliver the right music, to the right person, at the right time in a way that also helps them achieve their business goals.

We offer an audio cloud for businesses, a one-stop-shop for all of your music streaming needs:

Name a better win-win-win scenario, I’ll wait… 

Full indemnification is a big value add when you look at the companies that have tried to license music on their own and found themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit. We offer our customers peace of mind while delivering music in a legal way that benefits our customers, licensors, musicians, songwriters, and other rightsholders. And it’s sustainable. Everyone involved is earning a return on their investment, including FMG.

Feed.fm in Action

What is Feed.fm doing in Fitness and Workout Music?

We’ve already mentioned Lululemon Studio and Tonal. I talk to so many people who have experienced us via Tonal, but it does require an expensive piece of equipment to participate. Lululemon Studio will be launching this summer so you can experience their fantastic content without purchasing The Mirror. Check out Aaptiv, Alo Moves, BODi, the premium version of Fiton, and in August, our newest customer Barry’s Bootcamp in their Barry’s X product.

What is Feed.fm working on in the health and wellness music space?

In 2021, as a result of our success with over 100 of the best brands in digital fitness, we came to the realization that fitness belongs to a more holistic category of wellness. We launched Feed Originals, a collection of music created by world-class artists with flexible licensing and a focus on functional soundscapes and science-informed wellness soundtracks. You can stream a selection of our relaxing music for sleep, meditation, yoga, and focus on Amazon Music.

You’ll also find wellness music via meditation and yoga offerings in many of our fitness customer apps. We recently launched with Wellen (a personalized fitness program specifically for osteopenia & osteoporosis), Alphabeats (using neurofeedback for sports performance), JointAccounts (offering entertainment and mindfulness in penitentiaries), NiliCare by BioSensics (for dementia support) and Aescape (massage technologies coming in 2024).

How is Feed.fm used in Gaming:

AbZorba has been a long time customer in their casino games app.  Feed Originals unlocks even more potential in gaming so more synergies are brewing here!

What is Feed.fm Music Powering in VR apps?

VirZOOM has been a long time customer. We also recently launched in Win Reality so if you want to level up your batting practices, check them out. There’s a burgeoning synergy with VR, music, and wellness markets happening right now. More to come here soon too!

By now we hope you’ve found added clarity to ‘What is Feed.fm’ in this deep-dive on our B2B music platform. Ultimately, we make it simple for businesses to stream popular music by taking care of the curation, integration, licensing, and compliance behind the scenes. So if you’re looking for music licensing, a well designed streaming music API and infrastructure, music curation expertise, business analytics intelligence, and full indemnification let’s chat.