Voices Behind the Music Podcast Talks Future of Music

Innovators in the music industry are thinking deeply about what’s next and how to be a part of it. Get the inside scoop in Season 2 of the new podcast, Voices Behind the Music.

In Season 1 of the Voices Behind the Music podcast, Feed Media Group CEO, Jeff Yasuda, took us on a wide range of adventures.  We rode a rollercoaster of experiences with former Babes in Toyland bassist, Maureen Herman. We “climbed a mountain and . . . turned around” with Taku Hirano. And, Sun Yen Jung talked us through trends, IP, and groundbreaking business models.

Listeners heard from experts with diverse backgrounds in music, from Cherie Hu, longtime music journalist and writer, to Eddie Roberts, famous jazz guitarist of the New Mastersounds. We discovered that anyone can have a starstruck moment, and learned that there are a variety of unique perspectives on what’s coming next in the music world and where the hottest new opportunities will be opening up.

At Feed Media Group, we think daily about how we can positively impact the music industry, whether it’s making it easy for businesses to license music, or creating new revenue streams for rightsholders. 

We’re fortunate to work at an intersection that gives us an unmatched vantage point on the challenges and opportunities across the industry. We’re seeing rightsholders building partnerships to enable innovation across their content while working to protect assets and revenue streams for their artists. We’ve witnessed businesses struggling and ultimately succeeding as they work to leverage the power of music in an authentic way for their users. We’ve watched artists piecing together revenue across DSPs, digital engagements, and new opportunities with NFTs and direct-to-fan offerings.

The intersection of music and tech is more than a crossroads—it’s a launchpad—and Season 2 of Voices Behind the Music provides podcast listeners a front-row seat to the action.

This spring we’ve got a fresh lineup of distinctive voices joining the podcast. Yasuda has the inside scoop on what’s going on behind the scenes in the music industry and he’s ready to give you a backstage pass.

We will hear from Professor Costas Karageorghis about the latest research on the effectiveness of music used as an adjunct to exercise. Professor Karageorghis has established an international reputation for his research into the psychological, psychophysiological, and neurophysiological effects of music. Molly Neuman talks about new ways indie artists are harnessing the power of their own music.  

Listen to the podcast to learn about the music behind some of our favorite brands. Grammy nominee Stephania “Teff” Martinez shares her experiences from creation to curation, Saidah Blount takes us from production to programming, and Geoff Cotrill talks about ways companies can authentically connect with bands. 

The more we learn from each other’s experiences, struggles, and triumphs, the better we can work together to inspire creativity and growth, effect change, and support innovation in and around the music industry. Join us this spring for Season 2 of Voices Behind the Music streaming on all your favorite podcast channels. 

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