Voices Behind the Music: A New Podcast Project

A letter from FMG CEO Jeff Yasuda

I’m really excited to tell you about a new project that we have been working on for the last several months. Over the coming weeks we will be releasing episodes of a limited series podcast, entitled: Voices Behind the Music, where I will be talking with some truly inspirational people that have helped shape the music industry. As the founder of a music technology company, it amazes me how many inspiring stories there are about innovative people who work hard to make a difference behind the scenes. From managers that discover great new talent, to tech execs who give up comfortable paying jobs to pursue their dreams on the road, many of the great success stories in music are often left untold. 

After hearing these tales for the best part of two decades, it occurred to me that others might like to hear these stories too… and so Voices Behind the Music was born. 

It’s been a privilege to reconnect with some of my favorite people who help make music happen: from Eddie Roberts, the influential funk guitarist of the New Mastersounds, to Dave Boxenbaum, who discovered Adam Levine and Maroon 5, and Taku Hirano, master percussionist who has toured with the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Whitney Houston.

After hearing their stories and digging deeper into the business of music, I’ve been reminded how lucky we are here at Feed Media Group to work in the music industry. Music is in our DNA and every day, we work to ensure that the artists we know and love get fairly compensated, while their fans can hear their music—wherever they are. Our mission is to make it easy for companies who want to use popular music to do so in a legal and engaging way. Our hope is that we have found a new way for everyone in the music ecosystem to benefit while helping to power amazing customer experiences.

Jeff Yasuda
Co-founder & CEO, Feed Media Group

The first episode is available today. Tune in on Tuesdays, when we will release a new episode on all your favorite podcast platforms, or you can listen here.