Announcing Feed Media Group

I couldn’t be more excited to officially introduce our new company name: Feed Media Group, to the world today!

Feed Media Group is the leading B2B music platform, with two distinct solutions: and Between the two product groups, we’re now streaming over 50 million tracks per month, helping break new artists, and making sure rightsholders get paid. has been powering music for businesses since 2016 and supports brands large and small across fitness, retail, hospitality and digital health. At launch, it was just the three of us co-founders, myself, Jeff and Eric, in Jeff’s basement working through beta features and making early sales calls. Now we’re proud to have a stellar team of engineers, curators, customer success, sales, product and marketing leaders across the country. 

Following on’s success, we launched in 2021 to support music for innovative developers and startups looking to build the next big music-driven app. Adaptr’s first live customers include Artie and Oga – both innovators in their respective spaces. We’re driven to help apps and brands create the next big thing, and make sure labels and publishers get paid every step of the way. 

As we’ve grown and evolved the platform to support new use cases, we’ve seen the opportunity to create a single corporate entity to further our mission—to make it easy, fast and legal for businesses to use music to power the best customer experiences—and give us the freedom to innovate, hence Feed Media Group. 

As we look ahead, we see a massive opportunity to continue to build win/win/win scenarios when it comes to music. At the end of the day, end users want amazing apps and digital experiences with music at the core. The brands we support want to create engaging, meaningful content to support their users, and the rightsholders want to capture as much value as possible from their content. Feed Media Group is uniquely positioned to further all three objectives and we’re incredibly optimistic about the next wave of incredible music-driven apps and digital experiences. Onward!